Our Services

The AAG range of services includes Assurance, Advisory and Support. From Internal Audit and Probity, to Governance and Risk Management, to Procurement, Internal and Human Resources support and more, AAG has a highly skilled and experience group of people who will provide real value and real results.


Internal Audit

We are specialist internal audit providers.  Our internal audit professionals each have in excess of 20 years experience and made contributions to the IIA profession at State, National and Global levels, including the development of guidance to the profession. 

We follow the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), including the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.

Our audits / reviews include compliance, performance (efficiency / effectiveness), safeguarding of assets, reliability and integrity, data analytics.

We also develop risk-based strategic internal audit plans and strategic assurance plans.


Our staff have significant probity experience in all three tiers of government and in large corporations across a range of industries and covering the full range of procurement approaches (including RFT, IEOI, RFP, PPP, ECI, Alliance) and project management approaches (e.g. waterfall and Agile) to procurement. 

We focus organisations to achieve independent probity assurance over new initiatives and significant procurement activities.

Our team includes recognised leaders in the probity field, having co-authored guidance for Standards Australia and delivered professional papers to international and national conferences.

“Real People providing Real Value The AAG way!”



Having the right tone at the top is an essential requirement of good corporate governance.  We work with Boards and senior management teams to help identify weaknesses in structures or policies and share our better practice insights.

Our focus is on supporting and facilitating achievement of your goals whilst maintaining efficiency, integrity and ethical values.  We do this through governance reviews, Board and committee effectiveness assessments, conflicts of interest discussions, Board and committee structure recommendations, Audit Committee assessments, governance training, and helping clients ensure a reliable assurance framework.

Better practice corporate governance supports effective decision-making and efficient processes.  It breathes life into corporate strategies, creating the right platform to support increased turnover, efficiency and profitability.  It provides reassurance to investors, customers, suppliers and employees that your organisation is well run.

Risk Management and Assessment

We help our clients understand risk.  Risk management helps identify and address risk and increases the likelihood of achieving business objectives.  Strong risk management leads to improved business decision-making, planning and prioritisation, more efficient allocation of capital and resources, and greater anticipation of what may go wrong.

As a central part of every business strategic management function, risk management involves: identifying the risks surrounding your business activities, assessing the likelihood of an event occurring, putting systems in place to deal with the likelihood and impact, setting an appropriate risk appetite, and monitoring the effectiveness of your risk management approaches and controls.

Using our five pillar approach we help clients manage changing business environments and challenges.  We do this through risk management assignments, leadership workshops, risk management training, risk maturity reviews, and risk management software implementation.

Business Continuity Management and Analysist

Many services delivered by the public sector are essential for economic and social sustainability. A failure to deliver, may result in significant consequences. It is similar for private industry, our society depends on your services as much as you depend on business sustainability.

At AAG, we review your approach to business continuity management, including Crisis and Pandemic Management, linkages to ICT Disaster Recovery, and the positioning of all of these within the Risk Management Framework.

Further, our Business Impact Analysis and Crisis/Pandemic Scenario Application methodologies guide our clients through the business continuity planning, preparation, response, and recovery in a logical, practical and user-friendly manner.

Problem Solving and Issue Facilitation

Most organisations are good at solving routine and simple problems – those where the cause and effect is apparent.  With complex and complicated problems, solutions can become much more challenging and problematic.  You may find problem solving discussions going in circles or perhaps off on tangents. This is where AAG assist.

AAG will facilitate and coach your organisation utilising the right methodologies to identify and treat problems and issues, allowing you to move forward quickly and effectively with confidence and integrity.

We have a number of problem solving and resolution tools (root cause analysis methods). We also facilitate issues and problems where there is potential for conflicts of interest, where we act as independent facilitators.

No problem or issue is too small, complex, or technical for us to grasp and no industry is out of bounds.

“Trusted Partners Working Together The AAG way!”


Human Resources

Provides insight and expertise to implement programs and understanding to help you govern and manage your workforce.  We can supplement your own HR expertise or provide a fully outsourced service.  In addition to the standard HR offerings, we also provide WHS and OHS services.

Procurement Advisory

Services include the development and management of individual procurement projects across all industries.  This includes assistance with the development of business cases, procurement plans, Request documents, evaluation plans, evaluation models, probity plans and procurement reporting.

Internal Audit

Services may include staff secondments at all levels through to CAE.  This may occur when you have unexpected staff turnover and have an immediate requirement for delivery of your internal audit plan.