Our Achievements

Whilst considering ourselves a humble group we do from time to time enjoy telling our clients and people about some of the good work and results we are achieving with some of our projects.

We hope you find these interesting, as we really enjoyed working on these projects, working with real people to provide real value.

There is nothing more satisfying in business than being told by a client that you did a good job. That the result delivered the required outcomes and provided real value. It’s not about bragging rights, but simply about getting the job done and everyone feeling good about the process and contribution made by all, to achieve that final result.

A few of our clients have felt good about the process of working with AAG and are happy for us to share how we worked together to achieve some great results.

“Just had our Audit and Risk Committee. One member of the committee made a point of saying that this Audit was a fantastic example of the value of risk-based auditing. It was delivered timely, provided excellent value-add and practical recommendations and is informing the work of his business areas. Some of the external members also noted that this is a fine piece of work.” – large state government department

“Thank you again for being such a good team to work with through this process. We have valued your team’s expertise and experience and have certainly enjoyed and welcomed your great sense of humour!” – regional local government.

“I have full confidence in AAG to assist with delivery of our Internal Audit Plan” – large state government department.